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Here you can find a sampling of our popular Texas Boot Scrapers.
Take a look around at the many possibilities!

We can customize your boot scrapers by putting your name, favorite team’s name, pet’s name, business name, and more on the scraper and  your logo, emblem, replica, symbol in the center base. 

If you prefer, the boot scraper material can contain marble, sea shells, river rock, special items from your vacation, no problem – we can accommodate.  If you don’t want a boot scraper but would rather have a name or address marker, we can eliminate the scraper and make it into a yard art marker specialized to whatever marker you would like. 

With a plasma cutter and a laser cutter, our designs are endless.  Pick your colors – green, blue, black, brown, white, beige, antique, maroon, purple, pink – whatever they make is your slate!  Get creative and surprise someone with something special designed just for them!  Made of a mixture of three kinds of base material and steel mesh, they are sturdy but need to be treated as you would your finest pottery.  Use them inside or outside.  Some prefer to use them for decoration, others prefer to actually scrap their boots with them  - they really work for both!  Buy one for inside and outside.